• Action 9 checks pricing to New Orleans for Panthers playoff game

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Carolina Panthers start the playoffs Sunday afternoon in New Orleans against the Saints.

    It looks like you can go for about $700 minimum, not including food.

    At last check, StubHub had about 8,000 tickets available. You could get two seats together for $97 each.

    As far as airfare goes, several airlines had nonstop flights starting at $591. 

    They had one-stop flights starting at $450. Southwest had no nonstops in this case and its one-stop flight was about the same price as the others, which was $446.

    Flight tickets on Friday and Saturday were about the same.

    Airbnbs close to the game were mostly $111, $100, $155, $27, $28, $100 and $130. Hotels were more expensive, but not by too much. Many were still under $200 per night.

    There are four games this weekend.  According to StubHub, the Panthers-Saints matchup was third in demand.  Buffalo versus Jacksonville was the most popular.

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