Action 9: Holiday season huge for sales, jobs

by: Jason Stoogenke Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Next week is huge for shopping and many of you are hoping to cash in, not just on sales, but on jobs.

Ethan Mulligan landed a seasonal job with Target last year. His advice is "be persistent. Call back. Follow up."

Target isn't the only big box store hiring extra help now. Action 9 found a report that nationwide, J.C. Penney is adding 35,000 workers, Toys R Us is adding 45,000, and Kohl's is adding 53,000.

Charlotte-based Belk isn't as big, but even it's looking for 1,000 temps in North Carolina, 4,000 nationwide. Spokesperson Jessica Graham said, "I think the biggest thing is that idea of being flexible -- the more you can work early mornings, the more you can work late at night."

But don't just think retail. Shemia Brooks and Daena Spencer are career coaches with the nonprofit Charlotte Works. They say think about how shipping companies need help with all of those holiday gifts people mail and hospitality businesses need help with all of those holiday parties. So look for jobs with caterers, "hotels, restaurants... greeting, gift-wrapping, playing a role in a store event, Santa."

And taking a seasonal job can lead to something more permanent. It's one year later and Mulligan's still with Target, heading into this holiday season as a permanent employee.

But also don't just assume retailers are hiring seasonally. Some big companies, like Matthews-based Family Dollar, say they stick with the same staff levels this time of year.