• Action 9: Man looks for solution after bad cell service at home

    By: Don Griffin


    Diego Ortiz said his T-Mobile reception outside his house was so bad that he never knew if the calls would go through.

    It wasn’t much better inside, except for one corner in the kitchen where he had three bars.

    So he went to a T-Mobile store to complain. Ortiz said they offered him a device called a signal booster, upgraded his calling plan and signed him to a new two-year contract.

    “They offered me a good deal,” he said.

    Then he said they told him the signal booster wouldn't work because T-Mobile didn't have a 4G network in his area. But the company informed him he was still bound by the new contract he'd just signed, Ortiz said.

    “Now they say I cannot walk away,” he said.

    T-Mobile sent Ortiz a letter saying he'd have to pay $800 to cancel early.

    Action 9 got in touch with T-Mobile's corporate office in Ohio. That's when they returned Ortiz to his previous contract.

    He said he plans to sign with another carrier that offers better coverage. But Ortiz said this time, he won’t make the same mistake.

    “Before (I) sign any deal -- yeah, I (am) just going to check.”

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