Action 9: Woman conned out of $10,000 embarrassed

by: Don Griffin Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman said she is embarrassed about a recent con she recently fell victim to.

She told Action 9 she was swindled out of $10,000 by a respected job site. She is so ashamed to have fallen for this trap; she asked that she stay anonymous.

"I broke down and cried because I fell for something I don't usually fall for," she explained.

Career Builder advertised an administrative assistant position offering a $500 a week salary in a local newspaper. The victim sent her resume with hopes she would land an interview for the job.

"So when this person answered me back, I said, 'Great, I've got a job,'" she said.

The email she received was from a doctor relocating from the Philippines. He offered her the job which included transferring funds from his Los Angeles account.

She received four $2,500 cashier's checks in six days.

She cashed them through her Chase bank account and wired the money to his Philippine's account.

Her first job was complete, but her sense of accomplishment would soon turn to horror when all four checks bounced five days later.

Her losses totaled a whopping $10,000.

"Everything that was in my checking account gone, completely cleaned out," she said.

She said she blames herself but is upset her bank cashed the fourth check after the first one bounced.

Consumer experts said the cashier check scam now aimed at desperate job seekers uses a check many banks still cannot guard against.

A spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau said, "The cashier's check should be like cash, but they're forgeries. Consumers would never expect that."

She filed complaints with police, but odds are her cash is gone for good.

"I've learned my lesson, I can't trust anybody anymore," she said.