• Action 9: Woman frustrated after new ice maker in refrigerator doesn't work

    By: Don Griffin


    Cheryl Klein spent $5,000 on new Whirlpool kitchen appliances, including a refrigerator with an ice maker that doesn't work properly.

    "The ice is sticking together. See this? It's all sticking together and melting," Klein said.

    Klein said Whirlpool has sent technicians to her house five times in two months and replaced the ice maker in the door twice.

    Still, the ice doesn't freeze completely and the refrigerator stays wet inside from condensation.

    "See this? It's all wet. Look at this, it's wet, soaking wet," she said.

    Klein said she has to wait for Whirlpool to order new parts.

    She is fed up and wants the company to give her a new fridge with the ice maker in the freezer below.

    "But I asked if I'm going to get any satisfaction and they just couldn't answer me," Klein said.

    So Action 9 got in touch with Whirlpool to ask if they would consider replacing Klein's refrigerator with a different model free of charge. The answer was "yes."

    They allowed Klein to pick out the model.

    "And now the ice maker is on the bottom in the freezer," she said. "If it wasn't for you, I'd be stuck with a refrigerator that would have never worked right."

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