• Action 9: Woman says she had allergic reaction after wearing hair piece

    By: Don Griffin


    Reba Smith had a $2,600 hair piece made after her cancer treatments. She said after wearing it just one day, her scalp broke out from a severe allergic reaction.

    “This is what my hair looked like when they pulled it off the front. I had blisters,” she said.

    Smith said the adhesive tape that Hair Club of Charlotte used to secure the hair piece caused the reaction.

    Smith said she told the staff at Hair Club of Charlotte she was allergic to adhesive before they fitted her with the hair piece.

    “I told them up to the minute she was putting (it) to my head that I was allergic to tape,” Smith said.

    But she said a manager assured her it wasn't like regular tape.

    When she went back to complain, she said Hair Club offered her only half of her money back -- $1,300. Smith refused and contacted Action 9.

    Action 9 went to the company's office. The manager declined an on-camera interview, but said the services they performed were to industry standards. She said while Smith wasn't contractually entitled to any refund, they were giving back all of her money -- $2,600.

    “I'm very happy about that, very happy -- more than you'll ever know,” Smith said.

    Smith said she's also happy with the new, much less expensive wig she's now wearing.

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