Action 9: Woman wants insurance to cover damage deer caused in house

by: Don Griffin Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte woman said a deer came crashing through one of her windows and tore her house apart, but her insurance company had said it wouldn't pay for all of the damage.

Kyle Polk said she and her family came home and found their home wrecked. The buck was still rampaging inside and bleeding on everything, she said.

“The hardwood floors are having to be taken up because of the blood. They've had to pull up the carpet. It rampaged through our computer room, broke our computer,” Polk said.

Polk’s insurance is paying to rip up the floors and repair the walls under the structural coverage on her policy.

But Ameriprise Insurance Company told her they wouldn’t pay to replace bloodied sofas and clothing or broken beds and computers, Polk said. It said there was no language in Polk’s policy about replacing things damaged by a deer.

“What good is insurance,” Polk said. “And now we're looking for them and they won't cover us."

Action 9 called Ameriprise. An Ameriprise spokesperson called back but said they couldn't discuss Polk’s claim.

Action 9 also talked to the North Carolina Department of Insurance, which said they would investigate Polk’s complaint to see if Ameriprise was honoring their policy.

But after Action 9’s contract, Polk’s adjuster called her back to say they were still reviewing her claim and then allowed her to submit a list of possessions damaged by the deer.

Polk is now hopeful her policy will pay, but tells others: “My message to other homeowners is definitely check your policy.”