• Butler goaltender helps injured Myers Park player who collapses in pain


    MYERS PARK HIGH SCHOOL - It was not the final score that people are remembering in a recent high school soccer game between Myers Park and Butler. 

    They are remembering a lesson on sportsmanship.

    The play happened late in the game, with four minutes remaining.  Butler was leading 3-1.

    Myers Park’s Solopino “Solo” Bridges charged toward the goal with the ball and nearly collided with the goalkeeper. 

    Bridges collapsed on the ground with a severe case of leg cramping.

    Butler’s goalkeeper, Stephen Sobolewski, immediately started working on Bridges, who was writhing in pain.  

    Sobolewski worked on Bridges, holding onto his leg, stretching it out until the Myers Park trainer could make it out on the field.

    Bridges received treatment and would be OK.

    Butler would go on to win the match, but it’s what happened at one end of the field late in the game that everyone will remember.

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