Cam Newton transformed into Legos for magazine cover


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A life-size bust of Cam Newton was created out of 25,000 Lego pieces for a cover feature for SI Kids magazine.

Lego Master Builder Erik Varszegi first designed the bust using a 3D model of Newton’s head and shoulders on a computer, which took about three days.

Varszegi had to tweak his creation once he released that Newton’s hair had grown longer than the picture he was originally using.  He said he had to rebuild parts of the head from scratch.

After the 3D model was made, Varszegi and Lego Model Shop Assistant Chelsey Crawford constructed the model using the Lego bricks, which took an addition two days.

Newton pictured with the model will be featured on the October issue of SI Kids.

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Check out a time-lapsed video of the construction below: