• Channel 9 investigates asbestos found at Charlotte's airport


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Whistleblower 9 investigation uncovered that crews are removing asbestos at Charlotte Douglas International Airport after a concerned viewer emailed the station.

    Airport officials said they contracted with a licensed company for asbestos removal as part of the terminal renovations happening in Concourse B.

    [CDC: Health effects of asbestos]

    The asbestos that has been found is non-friable, which means it doesn’t crumble easily, and isn’t airborne, according to airport officials.

    Officials said the company contracted by the airport for the removal has taken steps to ensure the asbestos remains non-friable during the removal process.

    Work areas are clearly marked and are monitored during the removal process.

    Travelers said they did not get a warning about the hazardous material found in Concourse B.

    "It's a little uncomfortable," traveler Scott Johnson said.

    Johnson didn't know about the asbestos until Channel 9 told him.

    "It wouldn't have changed my travel plans. I still had to come here," Johnson said.

    Other fliers said they should have been informed before they booked their flight.

    Charlotte Douglas airport officials went on to say in a statement, “It is not uncommon for asbestos to be found in older buildings during renovation projects. The Airport's terminal building is 35 years old and is undergoing renovations that will result in improved lighting, flooring, electrical, and technology upgrades. The Airport and contractors are committed to ensure a safe environment to passengers and employees during construction.” 

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