• CMPD, CFD play in Salute to Heroes hockey game

    By: Phil Orban


    CHARLOTTE - The ninth annual Salute to Heroes ice hockey game was held after the Checkers game Sunday afternoon.

    The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office competed against the Charlotte Fire Department and Medic.

    This successful fundraiser sends a portion of ticket sales to families of injured and fallen service officers.

    “This is in front of a lot of people. It means something and we're all athletes and (when) we have that competitive fire we get up there and all of a sudden, it's let's go you feel like you're in high school again,” said David Tropeano with CMPD.

    “Tempers get hot; hockey has fights in it that's kind of part of the game. We try not to do that, we really, we're not here to fight each other, we're here to play a game and have a good time. Hopefully it doesn't get to that. If it does.what can you do? It’s hockey,” said Charlotte Fire Department’s Tommy Defrancisci.

    The CMPD/Sheriff team took home the victory 4 to 1.

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