College Foundation of NC: Plan information accidentally leaked


NORTH CAROLINA - On Tuesday night the College Foundation of North Carolina found limited NC 529 Plan information was accidentally leaked by a third-party vendor.

In an email sent from CFNC on Wednesday, the organization said they are contacting all NC 529 Plan participants to share results of their investigation.

CFNC believes the third-party vendor’s staging server accidentally allowed public access to limited information. A list of participant names, addresses, ages and beneficiary names in the NC 529 Plan was accidentally disclosed. No Social Security numbers, financial information, dates of birth, passwords or any other protected information were revealed.

CFNC says they are confident that the website that houses the plan account information and financial data was not breached, and that account holders’ online access was not compromised.

The foundation believes the disclosure was accidental and not the result of a malicious act.

If you have any questions, call the NC 529 Plan at 1-800-600-3453 or email