Consumer group says some products could cause cancer, infertility, birth defects



NORTH CAROLINA - A consumer group said some products you use every day contain harmful chemicals that could cause cancer, infertility or even birth defects. On top of that, the Federal Drug Administration can't regulate them.

They are items some people use often and perhaps without a second thought, everything from hair care products to facial cream to baby wipes.

The group, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, studied personal care products that stores sell nationwide and how well they screen those items for harmful chemicals and if they keep them off of store shelves.

The campaign then ranked the retailers.

According to the study, Whole Foods did the best, with more screening.

Retailer                       Rank
Whole Foods                Leader
CVS                                  Making Progress
Walgreens                     Shows Potential
Target                             Shows Potential
Walmart                        Getting Started
Costco                            Getting Started
Macy's                            Falling Behind

While the study found Whole Foods came out on top, CVS came in second, followed by Walgreens and Target.

According to the consumer group, Walmart and Costco have just started to screen and Macy's was at the bottom.

The FDA doesn't have the authority to regulate them right now.

Safety advocates said if the stores would do more to self-regulate to keep harmful chemicals out of certain products, manufactures would have no choice but comply.

The consumer group said you do not have to shop at Whole Foods to find safe products.