• DNC officials keeping quiet on latest weak funding report

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Democratic National Convention officials will not say if reports are accurate that say they are having a hard time raising the millions they hoped.

    Convention organizers are aiming for $36.65 million. The Washington Post reported Thursday the DNC's raised $20 million.

    But DNC organizers said that is not accurate, making some voters assume the worst.

    "If it was good, wouldn't you want everybody to know?" one person said.

    The DNC contract states the host committee has to reveal how much money it has raised "within an agreed upon regular timeframe." The wording is so vague it could be before the actual event or even after.

    In the meantime, the head of the steering committee and former Mayor Harvey Gantt, said he thinks reaching the $36 million goal will happen.

    "We're working hard. It is tough work. And we believe we'll get there at the finish line," he said.

    According to published reports, the DNC wanted to raise about $40 million for 2008’s convention. Apparently, it kept coming up short, but ultimately landed $50 million, $10 million more than the goal. 

    Maybe that's why Mayor Anthony Foxx doesn't seem worried. 

    "I feel really good about where we are and we're going to have a great convention," Foxx said.

    Still, the Washington Post reported that insiders are starting to point fingers, some toward Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers. He runs the host committee's fundraising committee.

    Some people said he's been distracted because of Duke's merger with Progress Energy. 

    But the head of the host committee, Dan Murrey, says that is not the case. He felt so strongly about it, his team said he would not talk money on camera, but would talk about Rogers. 

    "Jim's been a real active participant, and we're happy to have his help and support," Murrey said.

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