Eastland Mall Closing Its Doors After 35 Years


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After 35 years, Eastland Mall is closing its doors.

SLIDESHOW: Eastland Mall Closing Its Doors After 35 Years

Tenants must be out by 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Houston-based Boxer Property recently bought the part of Eastland Mall that was in foreclosure, paying just $2 million for it.

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When Eastland opened on Central Avenue in 1975, its skating rink and food court attracted statewide attention. Over the years, though, it struggled to stay afloat as customers went elsewhere. Eventually, all of its anchor stores -- Belk, Dillard’s, J.C. Penney, Sears and Burlington Coat Factory -- went elsewhere, too.


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Boxer Property purchased the inner part of the mall, between the empty anchor stores. Last year, city leaders considered buying the same part of the property for $7 million. At the time, they floated the idea of demolishing the mall and creating a pedestrian-friendly community in its place.

The city hired the Urban Land Institute to study the property in 2007. The group recommended the city completely revamp the area by tearing down Eastland Mall, building stores, homes and recreation facilities in its place and then renaming the development.

The push to revitalize the area came as crime plagued the mall, with robberies, shootings and fights happening on and around the property.

The mall’s future remained in limbo for several years. Now that Boxer Property has purchased it, there is still speculation as to what it will become.

Andrew Segal, the president of Boxer, said his group used ethnic themes to revitalize sites in Fort Worth and Houston, and also at Plaza Fiesta, which is located near Carowinds.

Boxer said the company may try the same concept at Eastland, turning the entire mall site into a multicultural “shopping experience.” To do that, though, the company needs the anchor stores, which it doesn't own. Its backup plan is to stick with the ethic theme, just on a smaller level, and attract retail stores, offices and a grocery store to the space.

“We've really listened to the community,” he said. “There are a huge number of people who live literally within walking distance of the mall, and the ownership of the mall in the past has not reacted to what those people want.”

Some current mall tenants were supportive of the idea.

“There is a lot of business that can happen in this place,” Prakash Dadgani said. “If it is advertised right [and has] proper security, people will still come.”

Boxer has not released a formal plan for the site, and there is no word on when it will reopen.


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