• Charlotte students brainstorm ways to stop bullying

    By: Natalie Pasquarella


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - On Tuesday, students and staff from several Charlotte schools came together to brainstorm ways to stop bullying.

    The annual CMS Engage Summit brought members of the community together to find solutions that start with the students.

    CMS students took center stage on Tuesday to share ways that they are putting a stop to bullying.

    J.I. Johnson is a senior at Northwest School of the Arts. He gave a presentation about a group he started called Edge, which promotes equality, diversity and leadership.

    "To get the word out, to understand that you' aren't alone, if you want to make a change, anybody can make a change. All you have to do is stand up, and be a leader," he said.

    He is one of several students sharing anti-bullying solutions and brainstorming new ones. Students from Crestdale Middle talked about their school's pledges.

    "It's like saying that they're committed to not bullying, so if they're ever being bullied we can always trace back to that and say you know you, you signed a pledge," said Raye Anne Hoff.

    It is the third year for the summit that is now transformed into a showcase of action plans across CMS.

    "Definitely about acceptance and leadership so that our generation can go out into the future and really be the best that we can be," said Anand Loganathan.

    Eyewitness News recently teamed up with CMS in an effort to find bullying solutions.

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