• See The Impact Of Your School Tools Donations

    None - Tori loves school but she, like so many other students, oftentimes arrives to school empty handed. In the middle of last school year, during parent-teacher conferences, Tori's mom walked in to the classroom embarrassed.

    Why was the mother embarrassed? She was convinced that Tori had been taking school supplies from the classroom. Tori's mom explained that over the past few months, Tori had become obsessed with writing. She had become so infatuated with writing that she could often be seen at home doing nothing but that and her mom was unsure of where she was getting all the extra paper and pencils. Tori's teacher explained that she regularly visited Classroom Central to pick up school supplies for her students so the learning could continue at home.

    Tori's mom was relieved and grateful, but also had a tear. Even though she was happy that Tori "absolutely loved writing," she couldn't afford to buy extra pencils and paper for her. But she was overjoyed that a place like Classroom Central existed and that her teacher was able to pick up materials there for students like Tori.

    Without you, Tori wouldn't have received her own supplies to use at home. Thank you for creating smiles and inciting passions!

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