• Family Focus: Charlotte nonprofit makes music with second-graders

    By: Natalie Pasquarella


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A second-grade class was turned into symphony practice this week at Rama Road Elementary School. There were all types of instruments being played at once.
    Most of the kids had never seen instruments like this until now -- thanks to a Charlotte nonprofit.
    Kenleigh liked the violin the best.
    "It was really fun,” she said.
    Her friend Layla was a fan of the trumpets and trombones.
    "They both made big sounds and they were very fun to use,” Layla said.
    Volunteers from the Symphony Guild of Charlotte organize the interactive sessions at schools and at Imaginon Uptown.
    "It may create an interest in the arts and as well wanting to play an instrument,” said Guild president Sally Moody.
    Moody said giving kids more access to the arts is especially important.
    “The schools have had lots of cuts to the arts and the music programs, so the children are not being exposed to the music,” Moody said. 
    Students couldn't get enough of making those new sounds as Friday’s lesson was a clear favorite.
    “I liked getting to know more of the instruments in the world,” Layla said.

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