• Girl claims brother was stabbed by school shooting suspect

    By: Trish Williford


    ALBEMARLE, N.C. - Channel 9 learned the suspect in the shooting at Albemarle High School may have been involved in another violent crime last year at another school.
    Jailyn Goins said she will never forget what happened to her younger brother, Aaron, one year ago.

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    She said the suspect in Tuesday's shooting also assaulted her brother.

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    "My mother gets a phone call and it's from the school saying your son's been stabbed. But they could not tell us where he got stabbed just your son's been stabbed," said Goins.

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    Jailyn Goins said her brother and the suspect, Jalen Russell, attended school together last year at West Montgomery High School in Mount Gilead.
    Jailyn Goins and Russell got into a fight in the lunchroom last year and Aaron was stabbed in the back with scissors, according to police reports obtained by Channel 9.

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    Jailyn Goins said her brother woke her up Tuesday morning when he heard about the school shooting and who police said was responsible.
    "He's saying, ‘Oh the guy who stabbed me, he shot somebody.’ I didn't believe it because it's too soon. It hasn't even been a year yet, you know?" she said.
    Both teens were charged in the case and Jailyn Goins said both pleaded guilty in court.
    Montgomery County Schools would not confirm Russell's name in connection with the stabbing.

    Jailyn Goins said her brother was eventfully allowed back to school.
    She said it's hard for her family to believe Russell is charged in another violent crime at another school.





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