GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Perry Comes To Rock Hill


ROCK HILL, S.C.,None - GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry told a crowd of more than 500 people in Rock Hill his focus as president will be to restore jobs.

Perry said he's proud of his record as the Governor of Texas, a position he's held for more than 10 years.

Perry has been elected three times.

"There's not anybody else in the race, including the president that has created as many jobs as I have.About 750,000 net new jobs have been created in the state of Texas while I've been governor," Perry told Eyewitness News.

More than 500 people came to the Old Town Bistro in Rock Hill to meet the governor. The restaurant was filled to capacity and dozens of supporters had to wait outside.

Kendall Anderson said he hasn't decided which candidate to support next year and wanted see Perry up close.

"I want to see what he sounds like, I want to see how he acts, I want to see how he responds to questions, I want to see how he thinks on his feet," Anderson said.

Perry told Eyewitness News he disagrees with the president's decision to withdraw 33,000 troops from Afghanistan next year.

"I think the president made a huge mistake by signalling to the enemy that we're going to leave at a particular time," he said.

Catawba College political science professor Dr. Michael Bitzer said Perry is a very strong candidate in South Carolina, but said his tendency for controversial quips is a weakness other candidates may exploit.

Since announcing his candidacy in Charleston on Aug. 13, Perry called the policies of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke "treasonous," said he supports the teaching of creationism in public schools and said he doesn't believe in man-made global warming.

As an undecided voter, Kendall Anderson said he's primarily concerned about the economic recovery, and said he appreciates Perry's experience.

"I want someone that will create confidence in America. That's what we're lacking," Anderson said.

Governor Perry said he plans on visiting North and South Carolina often during the campaign season.