Investigators hope new video leads to Harris Teeter robbers



CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Investigators hope some new surveillance video will help them catch the men involved in several Harris Teeter robberies.

Police think the same two men held up three Harris Teeters along the Interstate 77 corridor in May.

The York County Sheriff’s Office said in the video, the men can be seen fairly clearly.  Deputies also pointed out shots that were fired inside the store in Fort Mill.

In the video, two men walk into the store.  One of them goes for the register while the other forces the manager into the back room where the safe is, while an employee -- who is pregnant -- cleans out that register.

York County Sheriff's Office Spokesman Trent Faris said, "These guys had no worries whatsoever about what they wanted to do here. They didn't care there was a pregnant woman or a whole store of customers."

They hope the video helps solve not only the robbery in Fort Mill, but also robberies in Cornelius and south Charlotte.

In May, Harris Teeter stepped up security at its stores all across the area.

The store increased a reward for information that leads to an arrest to $75,000.

There were also Harris Teeter robberies in Winston-Salem and Greensboro. Investigators don't think those are related at this point.

While customers like Jessica Reinhardt take the crimes seriously, they aren't thinking twice about shopping at the Harris Teeter near Fort Mill.

When asked if she'd change her routine, she said, "Heck no," and joked that's why she has a gun permit.