• The Jeff Probst Show


    Jeff Probst is bringing a new energy and honesty to daytime talk. This four-time Emmy winning host has built a passionate fan base on Survivor by not only asking tough questions, but also by being someone who viewers relate to and admire. Probst will bring this same candor to daytime and will often share from his own personal life. 

    In addition, the show features signature segments including "Guys On The Couch" where Jeff invites two guys onstage to answer relationship questions from women in the audience.  Lively, funny and honest, the conversation offers entertaining insight into the differences between men and women.

    Each episode will also feature an “Ambush Adventure” where Jeff challenges an audience member to take a step outside their comfort zone to confront an issue in their life - but there is a twist - you have to say “Yes” before you know the adventure.  These spontaneous segments range from dramatic to romantic, from poignant to funny.

    "Life is short, at best," says Probst.  "This show is about challenging viewers to say yes to the adventures in life."

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