Jurors to visit crash site where nurse was killed, another injured

by: Sarah Rosario Updated:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Tomorrow jurors in the trial of a woman accused of running over two nurses killing one and critically injuring another will visit the crash site for the first time. It happened on Craig Avenue on August 22, 2010.

Today was the second day of testimony. The prosecution and defense spent the majority of the day interviewing CMPD investigators about evidence found on scene. When we got back from the afternoon recess, what struck a chord with everyone was the interview they watched with the accused suspect Leah Walton and an investigator

As the video played many emotions inside the courtroom were stirred emotions. Family and friends of Lisa Mcle, who was critically injured, and Susan Karabulut, who died, got angry as they watched it.

Police say Leah Walton, who was just 21 at the time, was reaching for a cigarette when she ran into them.
Investigator Jesse Wood interviewed Walton about what she was doing the night before the crash.

He spent most of the afternoon on the stand. Two other officers testified Wednesday as well. Each was asked to recall details of the investigation step by step. The defense questioned the officers about their qualifications and investigation.

They wanted to know why Walton's speed limit was later changed on the police report.

The prosecution focused on the police report, point of impact, the speed of the car and items found inside it. They questioned if Walton was under the influence of drugs or alcohol before the crash. One investigator testified that it was obvious that Walton had hit someone.

"I saw the car, the blood across the side of the car, the damage on the front of it," said Wood.

Police said they found marijuana in Walton's car. In the video we heard Walton admitting to smoking weed and drinking the night before.

At one point, she even joked about having a hard time reaching for the cigarette, and then realizing she hit something, but didn't know if it was a person or the curb. Wednesday in court, by the end of the video she was crying.

Thursday jurors are expected to be dropped off at the crash site around 10 a.m. Our cameras will be there but we've been asked to not show any of their faces. The purpose of the field trip is so that jurors can get a better feel of what happened on that August morning two years ago.