• Bond lowered for AD accused of inappropriately touching student

    By: Ken Lemon


    A Gaston County judge lowered the $1 million bond a high school athletic director was facing.

    Brandon Scott is accused of inappropriately touching a student at Bessemer City High School.

    The judge just dropped Scott's bond from $1 million to $100,000.

    His family has been working to get him out of jail and he could leave soon.
    Scott’s attorney told Channel 9 he is looking forward to presenting his case.

    Scott's family members walked out of court visibly upset and refusing to answer questions about his arrest.

    In court Channel 9 heard for the first time that Scott, the Bessemer City High School AD and baseball coach, is accused of fondling and kissing a female student.
    His attorney told the judge the charges didn't warrant a $1 million bond.

    "He can't go to prison for the charge, but he is being held in jail because of the bond," said defense attorney David Phillips.

    Scott, who is a married father of an 11-month-old girl, said very little in court.

    Some students leaving campus yelled, “Free Coach Scott.”

    One former student told Channel 9 he is well loved and respected.

    But another said several students believed there was something strange between Scott and his accuser, because she was always around his office.
    Police said the inappropriate contact happened on campus during school hours from October to December.
    This is frustrating news to a parent whose daughter goes to the school.

    "If you can't entrust your children at the public school then where can you trust them to be at. They are supposed to be protected, not violated," said parent Trent Calhoun.

    Police said there is just one accuser, but they are still asking whether there may be more. They said public trust is at stake.

    "It troubles us when it appears to be violated," said Gaston County Police Capt. Jay Human.

    Parents were also upset to learn that Scott is charged, but still suspended from his job with pay.
    School officials told Channel 9 they cannot change his employment status until their internal investigation is complete.
    That was put on hold when school officials turned the case over to police.

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