• 2 baby hawks discovered in tree that was to be cut down


    WATAUGA COUNTY, N.C. - Environmental workers with Blue Ridge Electric discovered two baby red-tailed hawks and their nest in Watauga County.

    "The crew was de-limbing a pine tree with rot at the base in preparation to cut it to avoid falling into the power lines when they noticed a large nest," explained Zack Benfield, contract utility arborist for Blue Ridge Electric.

    "In the nest were two baby red-tailed hawks, with the mother perched a couple trees down watching," he said. The tree is the Todd community of Watauga County.

    A state wildlife officer told the crew to tie off the tree so that the nest of baby hawks will be protected.

    Crews will periodically check on the tree and won’t remove it until the hawks have outgrown the nest and flown away.

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