• 2 lawsuits claim school officials didn't do enough to stop sexual abuse


    BURKE COUNTY, N.C. - Two new lawsuits claim school officials in Burke County didn't do enough to stop a teacher from sexually abusing students.

    The suit claims school leaders knew about it, but still didn't take action.

    In the lawsuits, the families outline the horror their children faced while students of Michael Alexander, a onetime teacher at Hildebran Elementary School in Burke County.

    The lawsuits claim he would allow students to miss school activities and he would sexually abuse them in classrooms and would post the videos online.

    Both suits claim school leaders were told about the abuse.

    In one lawsuit the complaint says the victim was 8-year-old when Alexander began sexually abusing and filming her in school.

    The complaint goes on to say that when the parent complained, the principal told the parent that there was nothing that they could do about it, provided no further response to the parent, and did not investigate or further report the allegation.

    Initially, an international investigation into child porn led the FBI, state and local authorities to Hildebran Elementary last year.

    Alexander taught there for seven years.

    He is serving nearly 50 years in prison for the crimes.

    He is named in the lawsuits and it said 50 girls could have been his victims.

    Both suits also go after school leaders and the school board, saying they gave, "Alexander the power and authority, and allowed him to exercise it unchecked, to isolate preadolescent children in a manner where he could carry on years of sexual abuse."

    The family of an 8-year-old girl filed a similar lawsuit last year.

    Eyewitness News tried to contact the school district and the board on Monday night, but because it was after hours we weren't able to reach them for comment.

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