• Biological mother of Erica Parsons announces push for new law named 'Erica'

    By: Natalie Pasquarella


    ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. - On Monday there is a new push to create a law requiring more oversight of home schooling.

    On Sunday night, Erica Pasons' biological mother told Eyewitness news that she is now pushing for a law named "Erica" that will demand more oversight for home schooling in North Carolina.

    Her daughter's adoptive mother, Casey, home-schooled Erica, and Eyewitness News found out no one from the State Department of Non Public Education ever came to the house or checked to ensure if Erica was actually attending school.

    On Monday night, Eyewitness News contacted a state advocacy group for home education.

    The president, Kevin McClain, said he believes the Parsons case is not about educational neglect, but other issues in the family.

    McClain said he believes the current law works.

    "I think there's plenty of evidence that shows that by far, the vast majority of individuals who are legally home schooling are going above and beyond their requirements," he said.

    Under the law, parents who home-school must notify the state, keep attendance and immunization records, operate on a regular basis, have a plan and execute it and keep standardized test scores on file.

    McClain thinks it is unfair to compare this situation to all people.

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