• 3-year-old critical, dog dies in hot car in Lancaster Co.

    By: Greg Suskin


    LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. - Teresa Clevinger was in tears Thursday and told Channel 9 about the horror of what happened to her 3-year-old grandson, Logan Cox.
    "I just want my grandson back. I just want my grandson home," Clevinger said.
    On Wednesday afternoon, the boy woke up from a nap and walked outside her home on Walnut Road while his parents were napping.
    The boy and a dog got into his mother's car and shut the door.  
    He couldn't get back out.
    "This was an accident. It has never happened before and it'll never happen again," Clevinger said.
    In the 911 call obtained by Channel 9, Clevinger can be heard telling the dispatcher she didn't know how long the boy had been outside in the car.
    During the call, his parents had him in the bathtub putting cold water on him trying to bring his temperature down.
    The dispatcher asked if they had a thermometer in the home to take his temperature. Clevinger replied that they did not.
    On Thursday, she told Channel 9 the child was in the car for about 30 minutes.   
    The boy's mother fell asleep on the couch and didn't know he was gone. When she woke up, she ran outside to find him.
    "She was looking for him because she didn't see him in the house and she was hollering for him, and he didn't answer her," she said.
    Then the boy's mother noticed the blinkers flashing on her car and found the boy slumped over inside it.
    They carried him to the tub. 
    The dog that jumped into the car with the boy was dead.
    A Lancaster County sheriff's detective and a Department of Social Services case agent spoke with the boy's parents on Wednesday night.
    Clevinger told Channel 9 his parents have not left his side at the hospital.
    She said the boy had diarrhea and skin discoloration. 
    As of Thursday afternoon, hospital officials said he was still in critical condition.

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