• 4 pit bulls attack boy with Down syndrome


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Police said an 11-year-boy with Down syndrome was attacked by four dogs in a family’s yard.
    The boy's family members said they were barbecuing in their backyard on Parson Street in northwest Charlotte Sunday when their next-door neighbor's pit bulls pushed their way underneath the fence and jumped onto the child.
    Neighbors fought the dogs off  and his family called 911.
    “He had all these scratches on him cause he was just hitting at them and telling them, ‘Stop. Stop. No. No.' So we just (took) him in the house and (tried) to calm him down,” said Cree Williams, a witness. “He was just shaking really bad.  Everybody was upset. Crying.”
    The boy was treated for scratches and bites to his arms.
    The dogs were seized by animal control.
    Family members said the owner of the dogs told them he was going to put some of the dogs down.

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