• 5-month-old baby recovering after being thrown from car

    By: Ken Lemon


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A 5-month old baby was recovering Wednesday night after being thrown from a car during a crash on the icy roads in Shelby.
    Police said the car the child was in spun out of control on South Dekalb Street on Tuesday night and hit another vehicle.
    James Culbreth heard an SUV crash into a car near his home. Police said a young mother lost control next to Shelby High School and spun into the path of a Jeep.
    “It was terrifying,” Culbreth said.
    Culbreth saw a car seat come flying out the back window with a 5-month-old baby strapped into it.
    “I came out right away,” Culbreth said.
    He rushed to the crash site and said he held the crying child. He did not see signs of injury.
    Culbreth said once he felt certain that the baby was OK, he and another witness went to check on the mother as she struggled to get out of the wrecked car.
    "She was just stunned because it sort of shock her up real bad,” he said.
    There is no word yet from police on whether the child seat was properly secured into the car.
    The baby's mother and the other driver are OK and the child was checked out in a hospital Wednesday morning
    “I think God actually was with that child,” Culbreth said.

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