5 witnesses take stand in trial of former wrestling coach

by: Tina Terry Updated:


GASTON COUNTY, N.C. - Another wrestling coach took the stand Wednesday and defended a former coach accused of sexually assaulting East Gaston High School wrestlers.
The former assistant coach said that was all part of the wrestling culture and it wasn't regarded as strange. He also told the jury he believes Scott Goins is innocent.
As an assistant wrestling coach, Terry Edge worked very closely with Goins.
“I would not have let my son wrestle if I had any idea. Never,” he said.
Goins is accused of sexually assaulting three East Gaston High School wrestlers. One accuser claimed Goins even slept in the bed with him on a wrestling trip and forced him to have sex.
Edge said he doesn't believe the allegations.
He claimed things like hugging players, and even sleeping in the same bed were normal.
“It was just somewhere to lay your head down,” he said.
Two former wrestlers denied allegations of physical abuse by Goins. They described him as a motivating leader, someone who only pushed students to make them better. They told the jury they never observed any sexual abuse.  
During cross examination, a former wrestling parent admitted she thought Goins was too close to one of the accusers and even confronted him about it.
“I would see favoritism and my son would talk to me about it.  He felt like (one of the wrestlers) was getting better treatment,” she said.
Five witnesses took the stand. Defense questioning will continue Thursday. The judge hinted the trial could be over by this time next week.

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