• 74-year-old former chaplain fends off intruders

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    CONCORD, N.C. - A former chaplain in his 70s fought off four home intruders. Now two people are behind bars after the home invasion in Concord. Charlie Davis is still concerned about the other two people he says were in his home.

    Charlie and Patsy Davis woke up Monday night to the sound of their dogs barking. Charlie went outside to quiet the dogs when a woman, who the couple used to know, approached Patsy Davis.

    “She says Ms. Pat, don't you know who I am?” Patsy said.

    But it wasn't a friendly visit. The Davises said there were three men with the woman who had slipped inside. Charlie said the heavily-armed men ordered the couple to get on the floor.

    “I said, ‘Not only am I not getting on the floor, you better get out of my house,’” Charlie Davis said.

    Davis was worried about his 4-year-old great-granddaughter asleep in another room. He said he needed to get the men out of the house before she woke up.

    “For sure they were here to hurt us, didn't know what reason,” he said.

    So he started pushing the men out and even grabbed a shovel, but things took a scary turn.

    “He hit me in the head one time with the gun,” Charlie Davis said. “And then out there is when he shot at me.”

    The bullet didn't hit him, but his wife of 30 years didn't know that.

    “My heart sank to my feet,” Patsy Davis said. “I thought I had lost the person that I had loved all my life.”

    But then she heard her husband’s voice, and soon the intruders were leaving in their van. Concord police arrested 24-year-old Ashley Thomas and 18-year-old Juwan Massey.

    Thomas and Massey are facing charges of attempted armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery. 

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