• 77-year-old man says burglar stole grandson's wedding gift

    By: Ken Lemon


    GASTONIA, N.C. - A 77-year-old man said someone broke into his Gastonia home while he was at church Sunday, taking money meant for his grandson's wedding gift.

    Clarence Gordon said there was a computer, TV and dozens of other valuables untouched.

    He said the burglar picked the perfect time and it appears he went straight to the more valuable items in the house and that makes him think someone had been watching him.

    Gordon and his wife found the front door kicked open when they got home from Sunday morning service.

    He cried as he explained how he went through the house and discovered the missing items.

    Someone pried open a locked drawer to $1,000 in cash which was saved as a wedding gift for Gordon's grandson.

    Three long guns were also taken from a gun case and one belonged to his uncle who passed.

    He fears the cash will not be replaced. Insurance will pay for the guns, but it will not get his uncle's gun back.

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