• Accused KC shooter may have answers in NC cold case

    By: Paige Hansen


    A decades-old Shelby cold case is getting new attention after the horrific shootings at two Jewish centers near Kansas City earlier this month.
    The Cleveland County Sheriff said he may send detectives to Kansas to interview suspect Glenn Miller about a triple homicide that happened in Shelby in 1987.
    Dianna Melton's brother, Travis Melton, was one of three men who were shot and killed in January 1987 at a Shelby adult bookstore that used to be along Highway 74.
    Investigators said the store was frequented by gay men and the murders were deemed hate crimes.
    "I would like to know (who did it) because they demolished my family," Melton said. "They destroyed it. My mom and daddy were never the same again."
    Cleveland County Sheriff Office investigators said they want to talk with Miller, who later went by Frazier Glenn Cross.
    He is a known white supremacist and founder of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Miller is charged with the murders of three people at Jewish centers in Kansas City this month.
    In 1989, he testified as a prosecution witness in the Shelby triple-homicide trial.
    "It was a hideous crime," Sheriff Alan Norman said. "There was life that was lost and one life too many."
    Melton said she was in the courtroom and saw Miller testify against defendant Douglas Sheets.
    Sheets was acquitted and a second man charged had his case dismissed.
    Miller was never charged but Melton hopes he will help detectives solve the case.
    "I think Mr. Miller is going to tell the truth this time," Melton said. "He really is because he doesn't have a choice."
    Norman said Thursday his team discussed the case and whether to send Cleveland County detectives to Kansas to interview Miller.
    Melton said her brother, who was just 19 when he was killed, was a goofy prankster when his life was cut short.
    "Whoever did this should be punished," Melton said.

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