• Action 9: Loan agent illegally takes money from family

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Kendra Jackson and his family of five are facing hard times. He is on disability and his wife, Elonya just lost her unemployment benefits.

    "Loan in two easy steps," he said.

    So Elonya went online to help him apply for a $2,000 payday loan from American Financial. She said an agent for the company told them there would be no credit check.

    "It sounded real good," she said.

    She said the agent told them that first, they had to pay a $210 refundable processing fee.

    He instructed them to buy a Green Dot Money Pak, a debit card in that amount, and give him the number on the back.

    "He said I am verifying that everything has went through, said it has went through," said Elonya, "He said you will receive your $2,210 back within the hour."

    They never got the money, instead the agent called back demanding $450 more due to their bad credit. So Kendra has been calling, asking for his money.

    That's when Action 9 got on the phone to tell the agent what he was doing was illegal.

    At that point, the agent disconnected the call.

    The Better Business Bureau said American Financial has an F rating and like all payday lenders, is banned from doing business in North Carolina.

    The Jacksons said that they will not make that mistake again.

    "Never give money to get a loan, never," said Elonya.

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