• Action 9: Man accused of taking money, not doing work in court

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. - Some people said a former appliance repairman took money, but didn't do the work. 
    The Better Business Bureau's been trying to track him down since July 2012.  Thursday, Action 9 found Michael Henderson and asked him about those customers and their money.
    His business was called Home Appliance Repair.  The BBB gives it an F rating and counts 31 complaints against it the last three years from eight counties in the Charlotte area.
    The company made the BBB's infamous "Dirty Dozen" list each of the last three years, topping the list twice (2011 and 2012).  When the BBB tried to get complaints resolved, it had trouble finding Henderson.  It told us Home Appliance Repair changed names eleven times and had 10 addresses.
    Action 9's Jason Stoogenke found Henderson at Iredell County court Thursday. 
    Jason:  "I know there have been a lot of complaints against your business."
    Henderson:  "I've not been in business in months, man."
    Jason:  "Does this mean you're no longer repairing things, you're all done?"
    Henderson:  "I've done nothing since the company i was working for stuck me with this."
    But he didn't name that company.  He said he's stuck picking up the pieces.  He told us he's having to pay for things he shouldn't.  He's charged with obtaining property under false pretenses, a felony.
    His lawyer knows one of the alleged victims and withdrew from the case.  Henderson has a new lawyer and a new court date in May.

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