Action 9: Man learns it's not always easy to cash in on car dealership promises

by: Don Griffin Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - One man learned that it is not always easy to cash in on the promises that car dealerships often use to sell vehicles, such as free oil changes, free tires and more.

When Bobby Starnes bought a Chevy pick-up in 2006, the deal included free tires for the life of the vehicle.

Starnes said team Chevrolet promised in writing to replace the tires due to wear or dry rot, and now after seven years the tires are dry rotting.

Starnes showed Action 9 the damage.

"See how it's dragging and splitting, you see the split," said Starnes.

Starnes said the problem is that he hasn't been able to ask team Chevrolet for his new tires because he had a dispute at the dealership one year ago over damage to one of his tires.

When Starnes told Action 9, he said the GM told him not to come back.

"He barred me from coming back in when I mentioned Don Griffin's name," said Starnes.

Action 9 called the general manager to try to smooth things over so that Bobby could get the new tires that he deserved.

GM David Coltrane told Action 9 that they've been in business 20 years and want to make all of their customers happy.

Coltrane then invited Starnes back and gave him new tires.

Starnes is more than happy.

"You did it for me, without you I would not have these new tires," said Starnes.

The dealer said he will continue to honor Starne's tires for life.