Action 9: Man says store wouldn't let him return broken phone

by: Don Griffin Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte man said he bought a phone that didn't work, but when he tried to return it he says the store wouldn't let him.

Michael Barnes had to go back to using his old cellphone.

He said the new boost mobile phone he bought in June stopped working soon after he got it.

"It worked for two days and it started, dropping calls and everything," Barnes said.

Barnes went back to the Boost store, Digital Link in north Charlotte. He asked for either a replacement phone or his $63 back.

He said this was the response: "No refunds, no exchanges, nuthin' we can do. Instead of getting upset, I left."

Then he called the provider Boost Mobile. They referred him back to the store, but he still got nowhere.

"I was upset. I don’t have money to give away for free," Barnes said.

Action 9 went to Digital Link and found their return policy surprising.

The store told us a customer has only 30 talk minutes or 30 days, whichever is less, for returns.

Most other cellphone providers have a flat 30-day return policy.

After Action 9 contacted Boost Mobile, they refunded Barnes’ $63 and sent him a new upgraded phone at no charge.

Barnes told others to be careful buying a cellphone from stores that base returns on minutes used.

"Watch who you buy ’em from," Barnes said.