• Action 9: Mecklenburg County cleans up Oak tree on woman's roof


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte landlord's renter was forced to stay in a hotel after a tree came crashing through her kitchen. The tree was not on the landlord's property, but the county's. After several calls and requests she could not get crews to remove it.

    Joyce Mu said a big oak tree came smashing through the roof of her rental house, causing major damage.

    "It smashed the whole kitchen area, so no power, no water," she said.

    Mu said the tree fell from the property next to hers owned by Mecklenburg County. She wanted the county to remove the tree and had made numerous calls to 311.

    "Every time they said somebody will call me quickly. I wait one hour, no answer. Another hour, no answer. So I just keep calling and every time there is no answer," said Mu.

    Mu said until the tree is removed she can't make repairs. That means the longer her renter Leah Salmon will have to stay in a hotel.

    "I have four small children in a room, so I am very, very stressed out," said Salmon.

    Action 9 got in touch with the county to ask about removing the tree.

    That is when the county attorney had Mu sign a release saying they would remove the tree, but would not be responsible for fixing the damages.

    When Action 9 went back, the tree had been removed and Mu had begun making repairs. She is thankful to Action 9.

    "I owe everything to your help," she said.

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