• Action 9: Woman distraught after cleaner ruins new dress

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman said she was distraught after her long-time Charlotte cleaners ruined her brand-new dress.

    After six months of going back and forth she asked Action 9 to step in and get her money back.

    Tawanna Gregory last wore her new white fringe formal gown during the summer.

    After wearing it that one time she had it cleaned, but she said the fringe came back damaged.

    "The more you pull, the further it goes. It just totally unravels," she said.

    And it is like that everywhere the fringe is pulled.

    "As I began to inspect, this was a total loss," she said.

    Gregory blames Brookshire Cleaners, a bargain-priced cleaner in west Charlotte she has used for years.

    She asked the owner to reimburse her for the $139 she paid for the grown.

    She said he refused and told her to take it to the manufacturer.

    "I was just so distraught, I tried not breaking down in the cleaners after he was so rude to me, but when I got to my car I just totally lost it," she said.

    She felt that was no way to treat a loyal customer, but sent the dress to the manufacturer for inspection anyway.

    They wrote back saying it was the cleaners who "did not take care in properly cleaning the gown."

    Action 9 sent the manufacturer's letter to the owner of Brookshire Cleaners.

    First he offered Gregory $40, and then he rose it up to $100, plus reimburse her cleaning bill.

    She is happy that the six-month ordeal is over.

    "Without you it never would have happened," said Gregory.

    Now she said he will be shopping for a new dry cleaner.

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