Additional Midwest flights from Charlotte could boost business

by: Allison Latos Updated:


CHARLOTTE - US Airways and American Airlines are adding more routes from Charlotte Douglas Airport.

Flights have been added to Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Grand Rapids, Fort Wayne and Evansville.

Aviation analyst Michael Lowery says the destinations show the airline is serious about Charlotte.

“This is very important. This signals the airline is committed to having Charlotte as a major domestic hub,” Lowery said.

Lowery says the airlines selected smaller Midwestern cities because those markets are seriously undeserved.

“These are actually some of the largest spots in the United States that lack nonstops,”  Lowery said.

Many of those passengers will feed into Charlotte Douglas on their way to another destination.

“The flights give customers in these Midwestern cities more access to not just Charlotte, but destinations throughout the America network, including Europe,” said American Airlines spokesperson Michelle Mohr.

Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes wants to tap into the new travels as a new business opportunity.

“There are a lot of great entrepreneurs in small towns and big towns across this country,” Barnes said.

Barnes wants the economic development committee he chairs to connect with Midwestern companies to try to attract them here.

“If that’s the incentive side, if that’s working on encouraging improvements in infrastructure, whatever we need to do to make Charlotte a great place to do business is what we want to do,” Barnes said.