• Hundreds of flights canceled out of Charlotte-Douglas

    By: Trish Williford


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - There are hundreds of people waiting in line inside Charlotte-Douglas airport, hoping and praying they won't be forced to spend the night Thursday.
    Most of them are waiting to rebook their flights after discovering that hundreds of them have been cancelled out of Charlotte Douglas due to a massive storm.
    US Airways canceled all of their arrivals into Charlotte Douglas for the rest of the day and that took many travelers by surprise.
    Eyewitness News checked the boards and there are more than 200 flights canceled in and out of Charlotte -- so passengers trying to get to cities like Miami, Atlanta and Washington, D.C., could have a long wait before getting to their destination.
    Channel 9 met Bujalaski, who is trying to get to Chicago.
    "I got here at noon today. (The) flight was delayed three times, then canceled, so what are your options?" Bujalaski said.
    Channel 9 checked. Many of the hotels in this area are already booked for the night.

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