• Another accident at intersection has some neighbors calling for change

    By: Alan Cavanna


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Another life-threatening accident has some homeowners in south Charlotte calling for change.

    Four people went to the hospital after an accident Wednesday night at the intersection of N. Sharon Amity and Castleton roads.

    It's at least the 13th accident at the intersection since 2009.

    Eyewitness News has tracked incidents at the intersection since earlier this year, when an 18-year-old was severely injured in a wreck.

    Officials with the Charlotte Department of Transportation said the intersection did not qualify for safety improvements because injuries suffered in the accidents weren't severe enough.

    On Thursday, CDOT again told Eyewitness News the intersection will not be re-evaluated until next year.

    Neighbors believe that's too long to wait.

    "It really just breaks my heart," Smita Sawyer said. "And I just keep thinking, a big tragedy is going to happen. So it just scares me."

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