• Anthony Foxx confirmed as nation's 17th Secretary of Transportation


    WASHINGTON - Former Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx was sworn in as the nation’s 17th Secretary of Transportation Tuesday morning.

    The private ceremony was attended by Foxx’s wife, Samara and the couple’s two children.

    Foxx spent his first full day meeting employees and conducting meetings on important issues including transportation safety and hurricane and severe weather preparedness.

    “Safety will remain our top priority at DOT.  At the same time, I will work to improve the efficiency and performance of our current transportation system while building the infrastructure we need for future generations,” said Foxx.  “In doing so, I look forward to bringing my ‘on the ground’ experiences as a mayor, while embracing the tremendous knowledge, skill and ingenuity of the DOT workforce and our many stakeholders.”

    Foxx will lead more than 55,000 employees and a $70 billion budget that oversees air, maritime, and surface transportation.

    Foxx resigned Monday from his post as Charlotte mayor in a special City Council meeting.

    The full house gave them a standing ovation and cheered for several minutes.

    Patsy Kinsey was sworn in as the interim city mayor.

    Channel 9 anchor Erica Bryant was invited to the Mayor’s Office Monday afternoon for a one-on-one interview.

    “Everything within the control of the city that could be done to move us forward, I feel like we’ve done it or we got caught trying,” Foxx said. “I think on things like capital budget, which is so important to triple A bond rating, and important fight over raising taxes and it wasn't Republican/Democrat it was councilmember/councilmember, we've figured out a pathway.”

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