• City Council coming to recommendation on tax revaluation

    By: Scott Wickersham


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  Thousands of homeowners protested Mecklenburg County’s tax revaluation.

    City Council members met Thursday with the consulting firm investigating the revaluation.

    The Thursday meeting was full of numbers and technical talk, but no results. City Council gave an idea of how they’re getting their information and coming to a recommendation.

    Homeowner Barbara Scott’s home value increased by 30 percent and she said she will continue to follow the information.

    Cornelius commission Jeff Hare said he’s seen worse.

    “People have had bills go up 40 or 50 percent, a lot of it done unfairly,” he said.

    Pearson’s Appraisal Service is taking a second look at the information. They’re looking at the 50 neighborhoods with the biggest jumps in value. Another 150 will be chosen at random. They’re also examining 10 commercial developments and had meetings with concerned property owners.

    They’re looking to see if the new property values are fair. It’s an unprecedented task in North Carolina.

    “This is the only review of a revaluation that has occurred,” said Whitt Putney with the appraisal service. “There’s no yardstick to measure results here compared to what has happened in another county.”

    It’s a complex process that homeowner Ron Kelley thinks will end in his favor.

    “I expect the consulting group will follow the fact,” he said. “And the facts will show change needs to take place.”

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