• Armed guard arrested for shooting after Lil Wayne concert


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte-Mecklenburg police arrested a security guard after they said he fired shots at a man in a car near the PNC Music Pavilion after a Lil Wayne concert this weekend.

    Police said the armed guard, Michael McCoy, confronted Juan Escobar -- who witnesses said was trying to break into a car.

    Officers told Channel 9 that McCoy fired two shots after Escobar nearly hit him with a car. They said Escobar drove onto sidewalks packed with people from the concert.

    CMPD arrested Escobar as well and charged him with assault and reckless driving.

    McCoy was charged because police said he fired the second shot at the car while it was no longer posing an imminent threat.

    The incident comes just a little more than a year after someone stabbed a man to death in the parking lot outside the same venue after another Lil Wayne concert.

    Police said the victim in that case was defending his girlfriend against a group of male concert-goers.

    No arrests were ever made.

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