• Bakery alerts authorities of counterfeiters

    By: Kathryn Burcham


    STALLINGS, N.C. - Police and Secret Service agents are investigating a potential counterfeit money ring after three men were arrested with thousands of dollars in fake bills.
    Stallings Police arrested Kal Schroder, Zsa'Quawn Evans and Javion Owens Wednesday after police said they used counterfeit $100 bills at a Dollar General store on Potter Road.
    Investigators said the men first tried to pass counterfeit money at a nearby bakery, but that the business owner became suspicious about the large denomination.
    The bakery owner told Channel 9, "We were scared about them. I felt something that was very suspicious."
    The owner told the suspect he couldn't make change for $100 and when the suspects left, he took their license plate number and called police.
    Detectives said the suspects drove to the nearby Dollar General and successfully passed two counterfeit $100 bills before walking out to find officers waiting at their car.
    "Upon searching the vehicle we discovered about 50 more $100 bills," said Chief Minor Plyler.
    Police said the suspects gave investigators different names and are from South Carolina, North Carolina and New York.
    "Anytime you encounter bills of that denomination and that quantity, it's more than likely that it will be larger network," said Plyler.
    All three suspects will face a judge on Feb. 17.

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