• Ballantyne residents discuss plan to secede from Charlotte

    By: Scott Wickersham


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The South Mecklenburg Alliance of Responsible Taxpayers is a small group but it claims to have the connections to leave Charlotte.

    "We've been talking back and forth with the state," said group leader Tim Timmerman, who isn't ready to name the lawmakers on his side.

    He said it's too early to release details of the study they're conducting right now focusing on the economics of it all.

    He said the boundary they are looking at encompasses the 28210, 28226, 28270 and 28277 zip codes in south Charlotte, containing 100,000 people.

    He said the group is working slowly but seriously.

    "It's been said the city won't count this but the state has the power to set city boundaries," Timmerman said.

    When you mention the state, Charlotte leaders' ears should perk up. After all, no one thought the city would be fighting to keep control of its airport until state lawmakers stepped in.

    Timmerman said a local bill from Raleigh is one option or a voter referendum

    Ed Driggs is running to replace Warren Cooksey in district seven. He said as a council member he couldn't support the town of Providence.

    He said he understands the frustration, citing the recent capital improvement plan.

    "Everywhere I go, people are unhappy about the taxes and how the money is being spent," Driggs said. "Over $800 million, half was paid for by us, but none of it (was) spent on us."

    He hopes to change things from inside City Hall, while others want to leave it altogether.

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