• Beekeepers protest at Lowe's shareholders meeting

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP)and advocates are planning to stage a protest at the annual shareholder meeting for Lowe's, Inc., to pressure the company to stop selling pesticides they say harm bees.

    The meeting is scheduled for Friday in Charlotte's Ballantyne area.

    Known as neonicotinoids, advocates say the pesticide compounds are responsible for large honeybee die-offs. The group behind the protests, SumOfUs.org, also has various campaigns against other companies such as McDonald's and Facebook.

    Lowe's spokeswoman Connie Bryant said the company is concerned about bee health and follows environmental studies about the effects of pesticides.

    The protest, scheduled to precede the 10 a.m. shareholder meeting, is set to feature beekeepers and a giant inflatable bee.

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