• Bouncer testifies in bar fight murder trial Tuesday


    CHARLOTTE - Jurors got a view of what bouncer Matt Floyd said he saw the night Rob Kingston died. Kenan Gay is accused of killing him.

    In court on Tuesday, they watched security camera video from inside Ed’s Tavern in March 2012. The video showed Kenan Gay and Liz Wicker, the woman he later married. Kingston can be seen repeatedly approaching Wicker, even hugging her.

    Wicker appeared to be irritated as Gay stood a few feet away.

    The bouncer said he heard Gay, a former University of North Carolina Chapel Hill football player, say he was getting agitated. He said he then saw the two men go past him and outside.

    Floyd told police as he looked out the door he saw Gay give a final shove, pushing Kingston into an oncoming car. The bouncer said he grabbed Gay by the arm and screamed “You probably killed that guy.”

    The defense team pointed to the same video and said Gay did not appear to be agitated. They pointed out Floyd also told investigators Kingston was pushed, but stumbled into the street.

    They said the bouncer told police it was “the freakiest accident you’d ever seen.”

    The defense said this was an accident, not murder. They will call witnesses to the stand on Wednesday. It is unclear if Gay will take the stand in his own defense.

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